With a passion for storytelling design, a fascination for the sculptural universe hidden in nature and with a deep respect for the traditional craftsmanship, Swedish Designer and Jeweller Nina Webrink, creates timeless and functional pieces of jewellery. A blend that fuses ultimate attention to detail, unique silhouettes along with an excellent fit.

Ninas transition into jewellery design began organically as a former physiotherapist student and elite gymnast, Ninas desire to create, her interest in handcraft and the environment led her in different direction.

Three years at design school, followed by four years of studies in Copenhagen culminated in a goldsmith degree when Nina graduated in 2014.

“I keep a visual lexicon in my consciousness derived from my background, my passions and experiences. When I design, this internal library opens to bring forth inspiration for my jewellery.

As a jeweller I’m driven by the desire to make a difference and the beauty of creating a piece of jewellery that can have a value for others”

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Collection Spacetime


The Collection Spacetime is inspired by a rare image, taken by the spacecraft Cassini. The image shows Earth under the rings of Saturn, our home, a small dot in universe, livable life as we know it, surrounded by an infinite universe. With that perspective, the collection Spacetime originated. Exploring the geometrical formations, phenomenon of space and time.


Collection elements

The collection Elements, is inspired by the four classic elements, water, fire, wind, earth. It was my effort to combine the elements into pieces of wearable sculpture, that felt comfortable, luxurious and elegant to wear, still keeping a raw energy of nature.



The company

Nina Webrink jewellery is designed and handmade in her small studio in the southern part of Sweden. Sustainability is one of the core values of the company, therefore the jewellery is made with a respect for the environment and the people involved in the process. NW tries to leave less of an environmental footprint by using:

 – Recycled precious metals, which means old gold that is refined and recycled for the production of new gold.

– High quality handcraft. All jewellery is handmade and quality is achieved through a slow and considerate process.

–  Non conflict diamonds. The diamonds come from official and regulated mines.

– Timeless designs, jewellery that tells a story and stand the test of time. Every NW piece can with time be upgraded into a more exclusive edition, for example by adding diamonds.

 “My ambition is to provide all clients with a collectible, a personal jewellery with a story behind it ”



NWs vision is Slow luxury, a new standard for sustainable luxury, an approach that embodies a holistic mind-set and sustainable values. “I want to create personal jewellery that tells it’s own story and is environment friendly”